Investing isn’t easy, but Fund Architects’ goal has always been to make it easier. The vision for the firm started with an idea that every individual investor deserved access to institutional quality money management. Our value proposition is that all investors can “Invest Professionally” and have the kind of money management enjoyed by institutional investors such as large pensions, endowments or municipalities. The intellectual capital and industry experience we bring allows us to deploy sophisticated investment theory and practice to accounts nationwide for an attractive fee. Our independent investment management is not swayed by revenue sharing or other distribution incentives, allowing us to put our clients’ interests first.

Our investment philosophy allows our team the flexibility to tilt around business cycles attempting to reduce downside capture and the ability to go to 100% cash in extreme market conditions. We believe it is prudent to strive for upside participation while being mindful of downside risks.

Fund Architects Portfolios are available through investment professionals nationwide. Fund Architects typically does not maintain relationships directly with the retail investor, but instead partners with leading financial firms that deliver our portfolios to your investment professional and you.


Fund Architects is a discretionary, fee-based money management firm providing professional asset allocation models and management to financial advisory firms. Headquartered in Texas, the firm has arrangements with Broker/Dealers, Insurance Companies, Qualified Plan Providers, and Registered Investment Advisors around the country.  Fund Architects’ proprietary asset allocation models are constructed from a broad universe of managers using fundamental and quantitative analysis to conduct fund selection. Offerings include Separate Accounts, Retirement Management Services, Variable Annuity Overlay Management and Private Money Management.