Addressing Complex Needs...

Institutional clients have a complex set of challenges and Fund Architects knows how to address them. We believe economic and business cycles and valuations drive financial markets.  We integrate these beliefs into how we build and manage client portfolios. We build Risk-based Portfolios around economic cycles while the ViewPoint Portfolios™ allow individual investors to select portfolios based on their own economic views.

Our Fundamental View

Preservation and stable growth are the foundation of our investment management approach - we believe it is just as important to limit downside as it is to participate on the upside. With an eye toward the long-term, we follow a disciplined, yet flexible management strategy that helps ensure investors' assets are available to them at every life stage and for generations to come. We believe that being pragmatic and reasonable in how we view asset classes is the best way for our clients to achieve investment success.

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The Fund Architects Difference

The range of our solutions and level of our service distinguish us both among our clients and within the industry. We are truly independent in our approach and have a steadfast commitment to putting the client first in everything we do.

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Customizable Services for Any Objective

In today’s challenging financial landscape, it's crucial to partner with companies that are the best in their fields. The investment team at Fund Architects is skilled at building dynamic portfolios for today’s ever-changing global markets.

Fund Architects can co-brand portfolios, create a private label, or use our model portfolios with the investment choices your custodian offers. If you don’t have a required custodian, Fund Architects can handle the paperwork and processing with one of our many partner custodians.

Our services are fully customizable to meet any objective, whether it's consulting, sub-advising, or managing portfolios. The Fund Architects sales support team is dedicated to working with broker dealers and registered representatives, providing comprehensive support and timely, relevant market information to position you as an expert with your clients.


Fund Architects partners with RIAs to bring our offerings through several custodians.
• UMAX and Placemark at T.D. Ameritrade
• Marketplace through Charles Schwab


Providing Expertise and Choice

Today, more than ever, 401(k), 457 and self-directed retirement account investors need asset allocation expertise. Fund Architects meets this need with sophisticated investment solutions that balance diversification and risk management concerns. Even better, we make quality money management solutions accessible, with a range of portfolios designed to meet nearly every investor’s goals. As more ‘boomers’ retire and look to their 401(k)s for security, our wide range of customized solutions provides a welcome additional choice for this growing marketplace.


Meeting Unique Objectives

Insurance companies today face a daunting challenge.  Offer innovative asset-allocation variable insurance trusts and sub-accounts that deliver results while adhering to strict actuarial investment parameters. As an annuity and life insurance provider, you have unique objectives for your business model, product development, investment ideas, and consulting needs. At Fund Architects, we have the experience to help you meet these objectives.

Our wholesalers have broad of expertise in all areas of financial services, and many have worked in and closely alongside the insurance and variable products markets. Fund Architects’ wholesalers are always available to discuss strategies, offer point of sale assistance to insurance company wholesalers, and provide timely and relevant market information to help make your role as an annuity provider easier.

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